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Join us as we shine a light on the dark conversations. 'Luma and Bloom' offers thoughtful and insightful dialogue to topics that are otherwise avoided. By having hard conversations in a meaningful way, you can challenge your thoughts and beliefs, learn from knowledgeable guests, and grow your mind. Listen in to learn and expand your understanding on the difficult topics and subjects that surround human trafficking.

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Hey, it's Nic, cohost at Luma & Bloom! The Joy Smith Foundation transformed my life. From a "Luma Moment" revelation to advocating against human trafficking, I've found family among warriors. Outside, I dive into fashion, beauty, and cherish the chaos of being a wife and mom for a decade!



I'm Kate, cohost of Luma & Bloom. From a sports enthusiast with a passion for psychology to finding purpose at The Joy Smith Foundation, I'm thrilled to share stories of courage and empowerment on our podcast journey!